Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Modifikasi Motor Honda Beat Cat Putih Pink Krom Skok Tabung

icon z16 Modifikasi Motor Honda Beat Cat Putih Pink Krom Skok Tabung


Modifikasi motor Honda Beat cat putih pink krom skok tabung is the new release of modifikasi motor concept, this Honda Beat get new face with modif cat motor. Well, I haven’t see this motorcycle custom before, this Honda Beat in this style is absolutely new modifikasi idea. If you have this motorcycle in your garage you must apply this modifikasi motor to your Honda Beat.
Honda Beat modifikasi above is designed using the clear look style by using custom motorcycle modifikasi cat motor putih, then combined with modifikasi cat donat pink and then perefected with the modifikasi jok motor warna kayu. I like this white bold view motorcycle paint custom. You can see at the custom modifikasi skok depan upside-down that is combine with the velg motor krom.
Modifikasi motor Honda Beat get the real new look with custom modifikasi cat putih pink, then designed with the modifikasi velg motor krom and skok belakang tabung. This motorcycle can you find at the modifikasi motor kontes, then at the rear view of this Honda Beat custom, you will find the modifikasi mesin krom and also skok tabung krom taht make this custom Honda Beat look so unique.

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